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Class Game


  • Game



Static CurrentInputMode

Static FPS

  • get FPS(): number
  • Gets the current frame rate per second

    Returns number

Static FrameCount

  • get FrameCount(): number
  • Gets the total amount of frames rendered in this session

    Returns number

Static GameTime

  • get GameTime(): number
  • Gets how many milliseconds the game has been open this session

    Returns number

Static IsCutsceneActive

  • get IsCutsceneActive(): boolean

Static IsLoading

  • get IsLoading(): boolean

Static IsMissionActive

  • get IsMissionActive(): boolean
  • set IsMissionActive(toggle: boolean): void

Static IsPaused

  • get IsPaused(): boolean
  • set IsPaused(toggle: boolean): void

Static IsRandomEventActive

  • get IsRandomEventActive(): boolean
  • set IsRandomEventActive(toggle: boolean): void

Static IsWaypointActive

  • get IsWaypointActive(): boolean

Static Language

Static LastFrameTime

  • get LastFrameTime(): number
  • Gets the time it currently takes to render a frame, in seconds;

    Returns number

Static MaxPlayers

  • get MaxPlayers(): number

Static MaxWantedLevel

  • get MaxWantedLevel(): number
  • set MaxWantedLevel(value: number): void

Static Nightvision

  • get Nightvision(): boolean
  • set Nightvision(toggle: boolean): void

Static Player

Static PlayerPed

  • get PlayerPed(): Ped

Static ShowPoliceBlipsOnRadar

  • set ShowPoliceBlipsOnRadar(toggle: boolean): void
  • Parameters

    • toggle: boolean

    Returns void

Static ThermalVision

  • get ThermalVision(): boolean
  • set ThermalVision(toggle: boolean): void

Static TimeScale

  • set TimeScale(time: number): void
  • Sets the time scale of the Game.


    • time: number

      The time scale, only accepts values between 0.0 and 1.0

    Returns void

Static WantedMultiplier

  • set WantedMultiplier(value: number): void
  • Parameters

    • value: number

    Returns void


Static entityFromHandle

Static generateHash

  • generateHash(input: string): number
  • Calculate the Jenkins One At A Time (joaat) has from the given string.


    • input: string

      The input string to calculate the hash

    Returns number

Static isControlJustPressed

  • isControlJustPressed(index: number, control: Control): boolean

Static isControlJustReleased

  • isControlJustReleased(index: number, control: Control): boolean

Static isControlPressed

  • isControlPressed(index: number, control: Control): boolean

Static isControlReleased

  • isControlReleased(index: number, control: Control): boolean

Static isDisabledControlJustPressed

  • isDisabledControlJustPressed(index: number, control: Control): boolean

Static playMusic

  • playMusic(musicFile?: string): void
  • Parameters

    • Optional musicFile: string

    Returns void

Static playSound

  • playSound(soundFile: string, soundSet: string): void
  • Parameters

    • soundFile: string
    • soundSet: string

    Returns void

Static playerList

  • playerList(): IterableIterator<Player>

Static stopMusic

  • stopMusic(musicFile?: string): void
  • Parameters

    • Optional musicFile: string

    Returns void

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